Jordyn Pair
The 10 Most Hysterical Liberal Responses To Karen Handel’s Win In GA-6

Karen Handel’s win in a Georgia special election yesterday sparked a flurry of tweets from Democrats seeking to rationalize the loss, bash the new congresswoman, and even blame the weather.

Police: No Evidence Killing Of Virginian Girl Was ‘Hate Crime’

Police have recovered the body of what they believe to be a 17-year-old Virginian girl who went missing on June 18. She was abducted following an argument.

The Congressional Baseball Shooting Only Proves We Need Less Gun Control

When attacks like the Congressional baseball shooting happen, many people call for more restrictions. But disarming citizens doesn’t also disarm criminals.

Harvard Rescinded Acceptances Over Private Facebook Posts, And That Doesn’t Violate The First Amendment

The First Amendment protects one’s right to say or do something. It doesn’t protect someone from any consequences that may take place in the private sphere.

CNN Resurrects Covfefe Meme By Pitching It To, Then Insulting, Spelling Champ

Before President Trump’s infamous ‘covfefe’ typo was deleted six hours after it was posted, it became one of the most popular ever, with 62,000 likes and 127,000 retweets.