Jonathan Lange
Jonathan Lange
Jonathan G. Lange is a pastor of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. He has raised his family in Wyoming for two decades, serving parishes in Evanston and Kemmerer. He is a leader of the Wyoming Pastors Network.
How Ash Wednesday Answers Our Grief At The Parkland Murders

The universal hatred of human death is a unifying force. Let’s not use it to divide. Instead, let’s take some time to rejoice in common ground.

4 Ways Moms And Their Children Remain Physically Bonded For Life

Every mother is a chimera made up of her own genetic cells living side by side with the cells of every child she has ever carried.

Stephen Paddock Exemplifies The Dangers Of Weaponizing Human Minds

While we have a moment of unity in our feelings of disgust and judgment upon the Las Vegas murderer, let’s engage our minds to make that common ground last.

When Kaepernick Took A Knee, He Was Feted. When Joseph Kennedy Took A Knee, He Was Sued

Colin Kaepernick is known for taking a knee in a pre-game protest. Joseph Kennedy is known for taking a knee in a post-game prayer.

Wyoming Judge Appeals To Nation’s Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian

The question Obergefell has raised across that land is: can we craft laws that permit mutually exclusive views to peacefully coexist? Or must the disfavored view be driven out of public life?

Basic Human Decency Shouldn’t Be Political, But It Is

Many simple things have become so politicized that many ordinary, decent people are culturally conditioned to ignore anything and everything that might call ethics into question.

Wyoming Censures Judge For Marriage Beliefs Even Though No Law Requires Her to Perform Marriages

If the Wyoming Supreme Court is permitted to insert an unstated requirement upon judges, what prevents some future court from reading pastors, priests, and bishops into the same decision?

Why Refusing To Design Gay Wedding Flowers Was Barronelle Stutzman’s Act Of Love

Their mutual love of flowers brought them together, but Baronnelle Stutzman and Robert Ingersoll’s love for each other grew out of their love of growing things.