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Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin is editor in chief of and a contributing writer for National Review. Follow him on Twitter.
Why The Left Will Finally Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment

Gun control advocates rarely state their views so bluntly, but they think Second Amendment rights should be sacrificed solely to assuage their fears.

No, Illegal Immigrants Do Not Share The Plight Of Holocaust Victims

To speak as though the plight of even the most sympathetic illegal immigrants is analogous to the plight of Jews during the Holocaust is simply egregious.

Liberals Are Fine With Teens Rearranging The Constitution, But Don’t Trust Them With Guns

The willingness of the survivors to push for gun control has transformed them into idols of an anti-gun mainstream media.

Can The Trump Deregulatory Boom Save The GOP In 2018?

When even The New York Times concedes administration policy is leading to an investment surge, is it time to admit Trump has helped the economy?

CNN’s Self-Congratulation Orgy After Trump’s Latest Attack Only Illustrates His Point

The network responded to President Trump’s gibe by portraying it as the home of hero journalists, but that doesn’t answer questions about its biased reporting and panels.

President Trump Is Right: Chuck Schumer Is A Hypocrite On Iran

His Iran flip-flop shows that even New York Democrats see the anti-Trump resistance as a higher priority than restraining the ayatollahs.

The Gun Control Debate Is Pointless Until Liberals Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment

Liberals are using the Las Vegas atrocity to encourage federal gun control, but their real problem is with the Second Amendment.

What Do Dems Know About Climate That New York Times Columnists Don’t?

Democrats may have read The New York Times’ analysis of the connection between hurricanes and climate change and realized scientists know very little about it.

New York Times Veers Into Denier Territory In Questioning Harvey’s Link To Climate Change

The New York Times informed us the connection between climate change and hurricanes wasn’t clear. That’s the kind of skepticism that gets serious people branded ‘deniers.’

Now That We Know Football Hurts Athletes, Should We Keep Watching?

It’s time for football fans to consider the morality of a sport that turns young athletes into middle-aged corpses, racked by dementia and disabilities.

Why Chris Christie Finally Crossed The Line From Populism Into Arrogance

Gov. Chris Christie’s ability to rise above controversy is at an end. Therein hangs a lesson for all politicians about the difference between populism and arrogance.

Non-Citizens May Dislike Him, But Trump’s Still The Leader Of The Free World

Pew polling indicates that the free world may not love him. But so long as he’s sitting in the Oval Office, Donald Trump will remain its leader.

Why Democrats Should Think Twice Before Seeking To End Gerrymandering

The biggest current winners of a practice nearly as old as the republic are black and Hispanic members of Congress. Do Democrats want to reduce their numbers?

How The Nanny State May Soon Destroy Fans’ View Of Baseball Games

The Mets announced they will extend field nets to the camera wells beyond the dugouts. That will both shield far more spectators while reducing the value of many more seats.

What We Can Learn From Israel’s ‘Last Secret’ Of The Six Day War

In 1967, Israel faced the looming threat of attack. Those who treat its security as an afterthought would do well to think back on that conflict.

President Trump’s Welcome To President El-Sisi Embraces Egypt’s Lesser Evil

Embracing a dictator fits into the Left’s authoritarian narrative about the president, but supporting the army in Egypt is America’s only rational choice.

How The Yemen Strike Might Indicate Trump’s Military Competence

The notion that Trump was at fault for a Navy SEAL’s death—any more than those who died on Obama’s watch are his fault—doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Anti-Semitism Is Real, But The Sudden Concern Over It Is Fake News

The United Nations has never been an advocate for Israel. That means its lecture to the U.S. on anti-Semitism is more than a little hypocritical.

If Democrats Aren’t Careful, Russia Could Become Their Benghazi

Democrats who want to explore alleged ties between Trump and the Putin regime should be careful: this could become their own Benghazi obsession.