Jim Hanson
Jim Hanson
Jim Hanson is president of Security Studies Group, and a former Special Forces weapons guy who soothes his savage beast with music.
Culture, Not Guns, Is At The Root Of Our Mass Shootings Increase

Take away all the guns and we will simply see death by other means until we address the real issue: Our culture has become toxic.

Iranian-Backed Militias Are Helping Fight ISIS, And That’s A Huge Problem

Iranian religious fighters see the fight against ISIS as a great way to subjugate the Sunni areas of Iraq and bring them under Iran’s influence and even control.

How President Trump Can Effectively Re-Negotiate The Iran Deal

President Trump can agree with the intelligence folks on technical compliance with the Iran deal, but note major violations of a U.N. resolution and state he cannot certify because of that.

Vinyl Is Cool, But Digital Surround Offers A Better Sound Experience

There is a way to experience your music that is so stunning any audiophile can be left in slack-jawed amazement. I’m talking about surround music.