John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson is a senior correspondent at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, n+1, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
It’s Time To Repeal The Johnson Amendment And Let Pastors Talk Politics

Since 1954, the Johnson Amendment has prohibited religious leaders from supporting or opposing political candidates. The GOP tax bill might change that.

The First Thanksgiving Was Nothing Like What You Were Taught

Most Americans were taught a cartoonish version of the first Thanksgiving, but the history of the Pilgrims and Indians was far more complex—and harrowing.

To Avoid Debacles Like Roy Moore, Repeal The 17th Amendment

Voters in Alabama might send Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate. Maybe it’s time to consider allowing state legislatures to elect senators again.

Long Before Assault Allegations, Roy Moore Betrayed Conservatism

Social conservatives embraced Roy Moore because they thought he was fighting for them. In fact, Moore was never a conservative to begin with.

Texas Court Case Exposes The Gruesome Reality Of Dismemberment Abortion

Abortion providers in Texas don’t think the state should require them to kill a fetus before dismembering it in its mother’s womb.

Shelby Foote’s Civil War History Defends America Against Insatiable Haters Like Ta-Nehisi Coates

Enough with the trendy historical revisionism. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was right: the Civil War came about because compromise failed.

The Iconoclasts Come For George Washington

By removing its historic memorials to George Washington and Robert E. Lee, Christ Church is yielding to the relentless logic of identity politics.

American Christianity Is In Crisis. Is There Reason To Hope For Renewal?

Four recent books examine the state of Christianity in America and offer a vision of hope. But are these authors deemphasizing the trials ahead?

The Virginia Governor’s Race Has Exposed A Big Immigration Problem For Democrats

By making immigration an issue, Republican Ed Gillespie is challenging Democrat Ralph Northam to answer for his party: do Democrats believe in borders?

One Year Later, Coastal Elites Still Don’t Understand Why Voters Turned To Trump

A year ago this week I drove through Ohio and Pennsylvania talking to people about the election. It wasn’t hard to see why many of them wanted Trump.

The Iconoclasts Come For World War I Memorials

In a dangerous new ruling, a federal court declared that a WWI memorial is unconstitutional because it’s in the shape of a Latin cross.

We Don’t Actually Know Whether Iran Is Complying With The Nuclear Deal

The 2015 Iran nuclear deal effectively has no provision for international inspections of military installations, which Tehran has said it won’t allow.

University President Sides With Black Lives Matter, Shuts Down GOP Lawmaker’s Speech

The president of Texas Southern University invited Black Lives Matter protesters to disrupt an event with a Republican lawmaker.

Unless Congress Acts, Delayed Obamacare Tax On Health Insurance Takes Effect Next Year

With Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House, will they allow a massive Obamacare tax on health insurance plans to hit Americans next year?

The Left’s Sirens Are Already Hinting Our Culture Wars Will End In Another Civil War

The radicalization of the Democratic Party is transforming everything that happens in America into another battle in our unending culture war.

Bobby Jindal As HHS Chief Is Trump’s Best Chance At Obamacare Repeal

Jindal has the health policy chops to undermine and roll back much of Obamacare—using the vast administrative powers the law gives HHS.

Why The Las Vegas Massacre Won’t Bring Together A Divided America

Many can’t ‘put politics aside’ in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre because we’re so divided that everything is political now, and that’s dangerous.

The Republican Senate’s Terrible Week Bodes Ill For The GOP

Roy Moore’s victory in the Alabama special election and the Senate’s failed effort to repeal Obamacare point to a GOP whose voters are losing patience.

NFL Protests And Texas Democrats’ Airy Visions Uncover The Delusions Of Identity Politics

Over the weekend the NFL indulged in unpopular activism while Texas Democrats indulged their own fantasy: that identity politics can turn Texas blue.

The Confederate Statue Controversy Isn’t About Slavery, It’s About Ending America

Attacks on Confederate heritage have quickly evolved into attacks on American heritage, which was always the ultimate goal.