John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson is a senior correspondent at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, The Guardian, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, n+1, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
NFL Protests And Texas Democrats’ Airy Visions Uncover The Delusions Of Identity Politics

Over the weekend the NFL indulged in unpopular activism while Texas Democrats indulged their own fantasy: that identity politics can turn Texas blue.

The Confederate Statue Controversy Isn’t About Slavery, It’s About Ending America

Attacks on Confederate heritage have quickly evolved into attacks on American heritage, which was always the ultimate goal.

Why The Latest GOP Health Care Plan Is The Best One Yet

Health-care federalism would give states the chance to reduce the cost of health care with market-based reforms. Not all states would take it, but some would.

Why The Free Speech Fight Is Really About Smearing The Right As Racists

The Left is trying to redefine the terms of public debate in America so that supporting conservative policies is the same as supporting white supremacy.

DACA Backlash Shows Democrats Don’t Really Think Their Policies Should Be Subject To Elections

Donald Trump promised to rescind DACA if he won the election. So why does Barack Obama have a problem with Trump following through on his promise?

Why Wasn’t Houston Partially Evacuated Before Hurricane Harvey Hit?

Houston is still fighting floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey and rescuing thousands of stranded residents. Why didn’t officials order a limited evacuation?

Fake News Claiming Border Checkpoints During Hurricane Harvey Is Why Americans Hate The Media

A ‘news story’ about an incorrect ACLU statement regarding border patrol checkpoints during Hurricane Harvey illustrates why Americans hate the media.

The Only Thing Neo-Nazis Are Good For Is Exposing Free Speech Hypocrisy

Neo-Nazis are a cancer on American public life. But they have exposed the hypocrisy of Internet companies that claim to care about free speech.

Democratic Former Senator Finally Says What Left Is Thinking: All Republicans Are Nazis

Finally, someone on the Left just came out and said it. Being a Republican is apparently no different than being a white supremacist.

Why We Should Keep The Confederate Monuments Right Where They Are

Tearing down Confederate statues, or any monuments from our history, will not change the past. But it will make for a poorer, less enlightened future.

Charlottesville Was A Fight Between The Tribal Right And Tribal Left, Intended To Polarize America

The kind of political violence we saw in Charlottesville this weekend is designed to force Americans to sort themselves into warring camps over two sets of losers.

No, We Don’t Need An Iran-Style Nuclear Deal With North Korea

The fact is, we had an Iran-style nuclear deal with North Korea, and now Kim Jong Un has nuclear weapons. North Korea should be a cautionary tale.

Emails Show Reporters Brushed Suspicious Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Under The Rug

A batch of documents released by the Department of Justice reveal how reluctant reporters were to write about Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton while his wife was under federal investigation.

The Confederacy Still Lingers Within The Progressivism That Birthed It

Progressives are outraged that a new HBO series will depict a modern-day Confederacy. But they have more in common with the Confederacy than they realize.

41-Year-Old Father: ‘Obamacare Won’t Pay For My Back Surgery, But It Will Pay For Opioids’

The story of one North Carolina man’s ordeal with Obamacare shows how the federal health care law hurts average American families by denying care.

Do More People Have To Die In Semi Trailers Before We Improve Our Border Policies?

A human smuggling case in San Antonio that left ten people dead shows why we need to make legal migration easier and illegal immigration harder.

Government Climate Scientist: Native Alaskans Are In Danger Because I Was Reassigned

A climate scientist at the Department of Interior claims the Trump administration reassigned him for talking about climate change.

Unable To Confront The Migrant Crisis, Europe Is Committing Suicide

As Europe’s migrant crisis enters a new phase, it’s clear that European leaders have neither the will nor desire to preserve their own civilization.

GOP Senate Bill Would Cover Pre-Existing Conditions And Drive Down Premiums

Sen. Ted Cruz’s proposal to allow insurers to sell non-Obamacare plans would turn the exchanges into high-risk pools for the old and sick. That might not be such a bad thing.

Trump’s Warsaw Speech Evoked Reagan’s Cold War Rhetoric, Not The Alt-Right’s

Progressive media outlets were scandalized by Trump’s defense of western civilization. But there was nothing radical about his speech, just his critics.