Hannah Niemeier
Hannah Niemeier
Hannah Niemeier is a junior at Hillsdale College in Michigan, where she is the Arts editor for the Hillsdale Collegian, the student-run campus newspaper. A proud Nebraskan, she ran away to California for a summer internship at the Orange County Register.
How Philip Roth Weaponized The Idea Of Art Imitating Life

With Philip Roth’s death, American letters lost an icon who had as much to say about grand universal themes as he did his personal and Jewish identity.

Why We Hate Poetry–And How You Can stop

Ben Lerner’s ‘The Hatred of Poetry’ lends a sympathetic ear to people who hate poetry, even as he makes the case for why poetry must be appreciated.

The Fiery History Of Early Christianity

Saints and sinners, persecution and martyrs, corruption and redemption—William J. Bennett’s new history of Christianity, ‘Tried By Fire,’ tells the story of the church in all its challenging glory.