Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead is associate managing editor at The Federalist and the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a weekly newsletter for women. Her writings can also be found at The American Conservative, The Week, Christianity Today, Acculturated, The University Bookman, and Catholic Rural Life.
How To Stop Despairing Over World Suffering And Start Addressing It

It’s easy to feel guilty or overwhelmed in the face of worldwide hurting and violence. But no matter our resources, there are ways we can help.

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ May Satisfy Fans, But It’s No Classic

The show gives needed closure and depth in some of its most important relationships. It’s good, enjoyable, funny. But the ending ultimately disappoints.

Why Thanksgiving Is More Important Than Ever This Year

It’s tempting to avoid the people who annoy us, who might judge or look down on us. But Thanksgiving is about seeking peace, despite our differences.

Last Night’s ‘Hamilton’ Performance Showed Us How Far We Have To Go

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the hit musical last night, audience members—and the cast itself—refused to show any respect or empathy.

‘The Crown’ Reminds Us Why Constitutional Monarchy Is Awesome

Netflix’s new drama considers Elizabeth II’s early reign, and the difficulties she confronts in a post-World War II world.

5 Things Trump’s Surprise Victory Should Teach The Media

This election showed us how insulated our echo chamber has become. Journalists must begin making an effort to listen to opinions besides their own.

10 Ways To Help A Military Family Going Through A Deployment

Deployments can be a lonely and fearful time for homebound spouses and children. Here are a few ways you can make those months of separation less difficult.

Stop Shaming Women For Enjoying Making A Home For Their Husbands

Feminists often make the mistake of equating domesticity with servitude. But if women enjoy cooking for their families, they shouldn’t abandon the kitchen.

‘Jane the Virgin’ Decided to Introduce Abortion, And It Was Awful

The show could have approached the topic of abortion with thoughtfulness. Instead, tragically, ‘Jane the Virgin’ makes light of it.

7 Things Voters Should Care About Besides Trump Vs. Hillary

If you don’t want to vote for Clinton or Trump, don’t take that as an excuse to stay home on November 8. There are still important issues to weigh in on.

2016’s Terrors Come From Trusting Presidents More Than We Trust God

Christians should appeal to the disillusioned and fearful on left and right, showing them that no president can fix our collective problems.

10 Things I Wish I’d Done My Freshman Year Of College

Today’s college students are stressed and anxious. We can’t always remove stress from our lives, but we can equip ourselves to handle it better. Here’s how.

Why Millennials Like Outsider Candidates Like Ron Paul, Not Like Donald Trump

Trump has offered millennials plenty of #sorrynotsorry moments over the course of his campaign, but he doesn’t quite appeal to their #nofilter aesthetic.

It’s The Truth That Keeps You Going, Even When Motherhood Hurts

Why sacrifice comfort, success, and pleasure to raise children? Society says we should follow our feelings; C.S. Lewis says we should pursue virtue.

Why The Left And Right Shouldn’t Segregate Themselves In Different Parts Of Town

Yes, our society is severely polarized and fractured. But we shouldn’t give up on political discourse and embrace tribalism.

The Most Important Topic Hillary And Trump Won’t Discuss Tonight

Both presidential candidates support Big Ag to the detriment of small family farmers.

Meet The Man Who Remained Unbroken Inside Cambodia’s Socialist Killing Fields

The question is not, ‘How could Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime be so evil?’ but, ‘Why are we all not more like the Khmer Rouge?’

There’s Never A Good Time To Take Classic Literature From Classrooms

Liking healthy food requires the development of taste: the more you eat it, the more you grow to enjoy it. It’s the same with classic literature.

‘Bad Moms’ Is A Fun Yet Shallow Look At Momtroversies

Moms who go see ‘Bad Moms’ may find a fun break from their humdrum day-to-day worries, but they won’t find any real solutions to the frustrations they deal with.

‘The Little Prince’ Is Very Nearly A Triumph

Director Mark Osborne takes this classic tale and weaves it into a larger narrative, one that breathes new life into the simple story of a boy and his rose.