Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead is associate managing editor at The Federalist and the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a weekly newsletter for women. Her writings can also be found at The American Conservative, The Week, Christianity Today, Acculturated, The University Bookman, and Catholic Rural Life.
How A ‘Farm Bust’ Could Help Renew American Agriculture

Current farming methodologies aren’t just bad for land, community, and ecology—they’re increasingly bad for business. Something’s gotta give.

The Donald Trump Effect Is Reviving The Media He Claims To Target

We live in an era of controversy, sensationalism, and ‘fake news.’ It could encourage more Americans to pay for high-quality journalism.

To Avoid A Dystopian Future, We Must Become Savage

Read ‘1984.’ Read ‘Brave New World.’ But don’t just beware the machinations of the totalitarian state—beware the disenchantment of our age.

It’s Time To Stop Living On The Internet

Civil, meaningful discourse isn’t going to happen on Facebook or Twitter. It happens when we set the vitriol aside and break bread together.

This Season’s ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Send Nick Viall Home

Nick Viall has tempted fate a bit too long with his sexual escapades, and this season’s ‘Bachelor’ contestants have had enough.

Don’t Fear The Brokenness In Motherhood, Or You’ll Lose Out On Its Beauty

There are moments that break and scar us. But those are the same moments that make us stronger, better, more empowered, and more beautiful.

The Women’s March Should Welcome Pro-Life Women, Not Shun Them

The march’s website says ‘defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.’ There’s not a pro-life woman out there who would disagree.

Millions Of Americans Don’t Side With Either Political Party, And That’s A Good Thing

If the left-right spectrum collapses in coming years, it may offer us a unique opportunity to ally around other things that matter to us.

Why I’m Only Listening To And Reading Old Things In 2017

This year saw an endless onslaught of new stories, new books, new TV shows, new music. It’s time to recharge, and enjoy some of the treasures of the past.

Hygge Helps Explain Millennials’ Longing For Reenchantment

Americans’ desire for the Scandinavian concept of ‘coziness’ indicates a spiritual longing, one that speaks to the shortcomings of our demystified culture.

Maybe It’s Time To Redefine What It Means For Women To ‘Have It All’

What if we don’t want to be CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, Supreme Court justices, or the next U.S. president? What if our ambitions involve kids?

The Progressive Echo Chamber Explained In One Roundtable

When The New Republic published a discussion of Obama’s legacy, the conversation fixated on questions of race and gender—with one notable exception.

This Christmas, Let’s Take A Break From Social Media

There’s nothing wrong with occasional Facebook posting and Twitter statuses. But Christmas is about embodiment: it calls for presence.

How To Stop Despairing Over World Suffering And Start Addressing It

It’s easy to feel guilty or overwhelmed in the face of worldwide hurting and violence. But no matter our resources, there are ways we can help.

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ May Satisfy Fans, But It’s No Classic

The show gives needed closure and depth in some of its most important relationships. It’s good, enjoyable, funny. But the ending ultimately disappoints.

Why Thanksgiving Is More Important Than Ever This Year

It’s tempting to avoid the people who annoy us, who might judge or look down on us. But Thanksgiving is about seeking peace, despite our differences.

Last Night’s ‘Hamilton’ Performance Showed Us How Far We Have To Go

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the hit musical last night, audience members—and the cast itself—refused to show any respect or empathy.

‘The Crown’ Reminds Us Why Constitutional Monarchy Is Awesome

Netflix’s new drama considers Elizabeth II’s early reign, and the difficulties she confronts in a post-World War II world.

5 Things Trump’s Surprise Victory Should Teach The Media

This election showed us how insulated our echo chamber has become. Journalists must begin making an effort to listen to opinions besides their own.

10 Ways To Help A Military Family Going Through A Deployment

Deployments can be a lonely and fearful time for homebound spouses and children. Here are a few ways you can make those months of separation less difficult.