Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton
Glenn T. Stanton writes and speaks about family, gender, and art, is the director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, and is the author of eight books including "The Ring Makes All the Difference" (Moody, 2011) and "Loving My LGBT Neighbor" (Moody, 2014). He blogs at
5 Damning Inconsistencies In Transgender Dogma

Gender theory is pure ideology. It is not based in any science or logical objectivity. Its proponents literally make it up as they go along, based solely on the way they wish nature were.

Children Of Donor Parents Caution Against Three-Parent Babies

No child should need an org-chart to explain her artificially constructed, experimental family.

Following Trans Bathroom Policy, Target’s Sales Tank

Second-quarter 2016 earnings are bad news for Target and the trans activists trying to get other major retailers to unisex their restrooms.

Why Chestfeeding Will Backfire Badly

Women who cut off their breasts then have children suddenly discover they had a use for those.

Christianity Can’t Be Stretched To Endorse Homosexuality

Those who seek to rewrite historic and biblical Christian orthodoxy to sanctify certain sexual relations are calling for a bridge that simply cannot be built.

Why The Left Has Not Won The Culture War

The culture war, by its very nature, cannot be won or lost. Culture is inherently dialectic. The buzzer never sounds.

5 Reasons President Obama’s New Transgender School Policy Is Foolish

Some have tried to spin the federal transgender schools directive as totally harm-free, but some really troubling parts of political gender theory present themselves immediately.

5 Reasons Target’s Trans Bathroom Policy Really Stepped In It

At its root, this new policy mess Target created for itself is rooted in this bald truth: Gender identity does not exist in any objective sense.

We Can’t Protect Sexual Orientation Because It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Laws backed by substantial fines and penalties, not to mention the potential for publicly shaming violators, require some form of objective clarity.