Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and a transplant from Seattle to small town Central Washington. She leverages a B.A. in Anthropology, a background in the homeschooling community, and her experience as a mother for a unique perspective on politics and culture. Her writing unapologetically brings Christian and conservative principles to the foreground. She and her husband enjoy a comfortably frugal lifestyle and are on their way to a very early retirement. Follow her on Twitter.
What The Right And Left Should Learn From Tim Murphy’s Abortion Hypocrisy

Tim Murphy’s failure to live up to the values he has espoused should not merely be atomized and swept through the news cycle as a one-off.

Ben Shapiro Is Wrong About Prosecuting Women Who Get Abortions

The simple, correct answer to the young liberal’s question is, ‘Yes, of course women should be prosecuted.’ It’s not politically or culturally palatable, but it is the truth.

California Legislature Passes Bill To Punish Elder-Care Workers Who Don’t Use Trans Pronouns

The bill aims to promote the rights of transgender individuals by forcing health care employees to use patients’ ‘preferred name or pronouns.’

Why Our Obsession With TV Antiheroes Is Destroying Our Souls

We log hundreds of hours of couch time with heavy-handed romanticizing of sin and darkness. It’s bad for TV and for our souls.

First Openly Gay Seattle Mayor Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has resigned effective 5 p.m. Wednesday amid allegations from five men that Murray had sexually abused them as teenagers.

Yanking Federal Funds Could Halt Oregon’s Socialized Abortion Law

Oregon’s new law, which aims to provide fully tax-sponsored abortions, could result in a withdrawal of federal funds.

The Widespread Abortion Of Down Syndrome Babies Is A Success For ‘Nudgenics’

If you think it’s okay for babies to be killed in the womb because they have a disability, then be honest: you support eugenics.

Why Employers Might Be Justified In Paying Mothers Less

When hiring mothers, employers have more to consider than whether the candidate has relevant experience and qualifications.

Making ‘Doctor Who’ A Woman Is Cliché, Not Groundbreaking

There’s nothing revolutionary about riding a tide of pro-feminist fervor. Fans are right to defend the legacy of ‘Doctor Who,’ even if he’s male.

Oregon’s New Abortion Law Proves The Left Doesn’t Care About Consent

Ironically, the radical left don’t think they need your consent to bill you for a procedure you may find morally repugnant.

Bikinis Finally Go Bust After 50 Years Of Ubiquity

Bikinis were a net for bombshells to drag in male prey, but also a snare for the 98ish percent of American women who do not look hawt in poorly constructed underwear.

Why Sexual Preferences Will Never Stop Racing Down The Rabbit Hole

Our culture is obsessed with granting validation and approval through naming each sexual phenomena. So we’ll keep making up new terms for sexual preference.

Couples Are Turning Their Unwanted Embryos Into Jewelry

‘Now Ms. Stafford has all of her babies with her every day—including seven embryos in her heart-shaped pendant worn close to her heart, always.’

If You Think Breastfeeding Is Natural, You’re Now A Transphobe

A mother nursing her child is the strongest image of biological connection between a parent and offspring outside the womb. As such, it must be destroyed.

Ladies, Rips Are Least Of The Problems With Your Hideous Leggings

Millions of American women now view tissue-thin, garishly patterned leggings as pants. They’re not pants. They hardly cover anything but the color of your skin.

Cecile Richards Thinks Women Need Drugs To Compete With Men

Planned Parenthood’s president once again reveals feminists’ low regard for women’s unique creative capacities and contributions.

Trump Should Ask Denmark’s PM Why His Government Is Promoting Genocide

Denmark has boasted that 98 percent of their Down Syndrome babies were aborted in 2014, and say they hope to be ‘Down Syndrome free’ in the next 10 years.

Why Would Regulators Ban An Herbal Treatment For Recovering Opioid Addicts?

May the plant’s close brush with regulatory disaster be a lesson to citizens: the government doesn’t always hold our best interests as a top priority.

‘The Shack’ Movie Is Less Heretical Than The Book, But Barely

Although the film has been scrubbed of many outlandish statements, a severe lack of biblical grounding appears throughout ‘The Shack,’ in both mediums.

Why Safe Injection Sites For Drug Addicts Should Be Legal

Local governments and enterprises should be free to try new methods of overcoming the opiate crisis, even if it means aiding drug abusers by monitoring vitals and providing clean equipment.