Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. A transplant from Seattle to small town Central Washington, she leverages a background as part of the homeschooling community and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington for a unique perspective on politics and culture. When she’s not writing, she bakes for the local café. She and her husband Cody enjoy a comfortably frugal lifestyle and plan an early retirement by 2026. Follow her on Twitter, @georgi_boorman.
Cosmo Tells Girls They’re Helpless Victims Of Their Own Reproduction

The Hyde Amendment doesn’t ‘restrict poor women’s access to health care.’ It just says my tax dollars shouldn’t have to pay for your abortion.

Attention, Pick-Up Artists: The Headphones Mean No

Guys should read body language, not ignore it. They’ll have better luck engaging with women who actually want to talk to them.

Let’s Deregulate Everyone Instead Of Applying Outdated Rules To New Ideas

When new startups show up on the scene, the knee-jerk reaction of bureaucrats is to hobble the new players instead of liberating the whole industry.

Conservatives Are The New RINOs

If the main current of Republicanism is populist nationalism, replete with moderate versions of the statism the Democrats have put forward, what is a RINO now?

No Party Owns My Vote

Insisting ‘no vote is a vote for the Greater Evil’ takes voters for granted, as if they are shirking their duty to the party. But parties have to earn allegiance. They’re not entitled to it.

5 Money Myths Keeping Millennials Poor

Only once you have broken out of your current perspective can you break out of self-induced poverty (a.k.a. your bad habits), and into prosperity.

I Don’t Hate Black People If I Refuse To Rush Judgment On Shootings

We’re not saying black lives don’t matter if we wait until the facts are in on any violent incident before rushing to use it to push our preferred solutions.

Giving Birth Is Nothing Like Being Drafted Into Combat

Stop pretending all mothers sacrifice more by giving birth than our combat troops do by fighting.

A Baby’s Kick Changes Everything About Abortion

Now that I feel my baby move, it’s as if her existence had been in black and white, and now I see it in color.

No, Maternity Leave Is Not ‘Me Time’

‘Meternity’ is an asinine attempt at squeezing extended me-time out of employers by downplaying the real work involved in mothering a new child.

Say Goodbye To Choosing Your Neighbors And Local Tax Rates

The Obama administration’s ‘fair housing’ policies are forcing local governments to tax their people to install homes for people of certain races only, and pushing for gag orders on people who object.

Does Generation Z Really Defy Gender Norms?

We have good reason to believe Generation Z will continue to populate the earth the old-fashioned way and reinforce the natural gender binary in the process.

Surrogacy Means Uteruses For Rent And Babies For Sale

When we boldly march across the boundaries of the natural family, we entangle ourselves in a whole new world of ethical and legal atrocities.

5 Reasons Ted Cruz’ ‘Divisiveness’ Could Be An Asset

America needs a leader who has proven he will execute their priorities in service of controlling government so the people can shine. Ted Cruz is that.

Don’t Write Off Ted Cruz Because You Don’t Like Him

Don’t choose your candidate based on who you’d prefer to have a beer with, but whom you trust most to remain aligned with your principles. For me, that’s Ted Cruz.

5 Times Trump Told You He Loves Big Government

Donald Trump wants to ‘make America great again’ by imposing his will on everybody. Don’t believe me? He says so himself.

Facebook’s Going Out Of Style Because It’s A Garbage Dump

Everyone knows Facebook is now the domain of the aging. So, in 2016, treat Facebook the way it ought to be treated: as a digital garbage dump.

Get Ready For Racial Quotas On Your Neighborhood

The Supreme Court’s disparate impact ruling has enabled an Obama administration power grab on neighborhood zoning regulations—all in the name of diversity.

Stand Strong When Your Kids Go Off The Rails

Take it from a former rebel: Parents do make a difference, even when it seems like a child is bent on self-destruction.

Pardon My Consumerism

This Black Friday, remember that a free market doesn’t make you free to be rude.