The Federalist Staff
Ted Cruz: CNN May Have Broken The Law With Doxxing Threat

Ted Cruz said CNN may have broken the law after they threatened to publicly expose the person who created a GIF of Donald Trump beating up CNN.

Chef Christopher Kimball Shares Grilling Tips And His July 4th Menu

How have Americans changed the way they think about food? Chef Christopher Kimball joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

Podcast: Jeff And Audrey Dunham Talk Comedy, Food, And Family

Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and his food-blogging wife Audrey Dunham are hit the road on new food and travel TV show.

Mary Katharine Ham: Democrats Overselling Obamacare Is How You Got Trump

“The Republicans were elected to do something about a problem that really exists. We do not live in a healthcare utopia thanks to Obamacare.”

Hemingway And Harsanyi Talk CNN, Trump’s Tweets, And Feminist Outrage

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss issues of anonymous sourcing, feminist outrage, and political rhetoric on the Federalist Radio Hour.

New Limited Edition ‘Problematic Woman’ T-Shirts Now Available

You’ll fall in love with our ultrasoft and highly problematic tee. Get them before they’re gone!

Before Allegedly Killing Muslim, Illegal Immigrant Was Accused Of Sexual Assault In Front Of A Child

The suspect charged with the kidnapping and murder of a Muslim girl in Reston, Virginia earlier this month was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in front of a child one week before. 

20 Years Later: The Pop Stars, The Boy Bands, And The Best Of MTV’s TRL Era

Mary Katharine Ham and Kristen Soltis Anderson debate whose at the top of the late ’90s music video throne on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

Assessing Geopolitical Risk, Global Flash Points, And International Relationships

Milena Rodban, geopolitical risk consultant, is helping tech companies strategize their way across the globe. She is the guest of the hour on this episode of Federalist Radio.

CNN Producer Fesses Up: We’re Just Doing The Russia Stuff For Ratings

‘I think the president is probably right to say, like, ‘Look, you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof.”

Podcast: Unpacking The Senate Healthcare Bill And Obamacare Aftermath

Avik Roy, John Daniel Davidson, and Ben Domenech discuss the future of American healthcare markets.

Podcast: The Slow Death Of European Culture, Politics, And Identity

Douglas Murray spells out how migration, declining birth rates, and a confused culture have led Western Europe astray, all on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Reevaluating Work, Talent, And The Low-Skill Labor Force In A Modern Economy

Urbanophile Aaron Renn discusses American cities, the opioid crisis, and the changing labor force on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Court Suspends 14 Of 15 Charges Against Planned Parenthood Human Trafficking Whistleblowers

A California court tossed 14 of 15 criminal charges against journalists who recorded high-level Planned Parenthood employees discussing trafficking the body parts of aborted babies

Christina Hoff Sommers On Feminists, Eradicating Men, And Campus Culture Misery

Do feminists exaggerate the oppression of women and ignore the misfortunes of men? Don’t miss Christian Hoff Sommers on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Guy Benson On Georgia’s Special Election And Blaming Political Rhetoric

Guy Benson and Ben Domenech break down Tuesday’s runoff between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff on Federalist Radio. They also discuss the escalating attacks on free speech.

Chris Bedford: Political Violence, Economic Populism, And Corporate Political Power

Ben Domenech is back hosting the Federalist Radio Hour with Chris Bedford of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Mary Katharine Ham Calls Out Reporters For Re-Writing History On Obamacare

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham called out reporters for rewriting history by reminding them that the process to pass Obamacare was not transparent. 

Mary Katharine Ham Calls Out NYT For Blaming Arizona Shooting On Sarah Palin

Mary Katharine Ham called out The New York Times after it ran an editorial falsely claiming that Sarah Palin was to blame for the Arizona shooting.

Hemingway And Harsanyi Talk Vinyl Records, Having Children, And Current TV

On today’s Federalist Radio Hour, Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi share their weekly round up of favorite music, television and more.