Fred Cole
Fred Cole
How ‘Seinfeld’ Created Biggest Sitcom In History Out Of Nothing

For a television show that ended nearly 20 years ago, ‘Seinfeld’ still looms large in America’s cultural imagination. Jennifer Keishin Armstrong’s book, ‘Seinfeldia,’ tells of its history and meaning.

Eight Hard-Headed Questions About The Third Iraq War

Let’s apply the Powell Doctrine to the next Iraq war.

Real Men Go To Real Barber Shops

The idea of having a Hooter’s girl cut your hair is just gross. Go to a barber, not a ‘stylist.’

Sometimes You Have To Question This Whole Freedom Thing

Freedom means the freedom to drink alcohol, do drugs, and put stupid slogans on your license plate holder.

Can We Fight About This Later?: The Case For Libertarians Working Together

Classical liberal Richard Epstein worries that Rand Paul is too libertarian for his taste. In an era of huge government, we can all get along.