Ericka Andersen
Ericka Andersen
Ericka Andersen
Ericka Andersen is the Digital Director at National Review. She also writes a healthy living blog, The Sweet Life. She was formerly the Digital Manager at the Heritage Foundation.
’13 Reasons Why’ Your Kids Shouldn’t Watch This Show

The message to those watching the show is this: If you don’t catch the signs, you’re to blame when someone winds up dead.

Don’t Tell Her, But Lena Dunham Just Made A Pro-Life Season Of ‘Girls’

Lena Dunham is obsessed with ‘normalizing’ abortion—which makes it especially surprising that her character, Hannah, chooses life for her unborn baby.

5 Ways To Solve The Diaper Gap Without Force

As usual, the Obama White House is jumping straight to the government diaper gap solution before promoting a multitude of other choice-based options available to low-income moms.

What Fitness Tells Us About Conservatism’s Appeal

Eliminate the politics and nearly everyone idealizes conservative principles without realizing it. Consider the world of sport and fitness.