Emma Elliott Freire
Emma Elliott Freire
Emma Elliott Freire
Emily Friere is a freelance writer based in Great Britain. She writes about both English and American culture and politics.
Traveling On Planes Is Actually Better With Kids

I have now taken 14 flights (a total of 78 hours in the air) with my daughter as a lap infant. And I would always rather fly with her than by myself.

Why I’m Protecting My Baby And Myself From Screen Time

Smart phones, apps, and children’s television are becoming a parenting crutch. Studies show electronic devices can hurt young minds.

Meet The Grammar Guardian Behind Britain’s Surprise Bestseller

If you don’t know grammar, you can’t think well, says this Oxford-educated British author and tutor. And he’s here to help.

Will Scotland Go It Alone? A Primer On The Independence Referendum

Hatred for Margaret Thatcher has pushed Scotland closer to quitting the United Kingdom. Its decision could affect the globe.

Don’t Buy A Diamond Wedding Ring

You don’t need to join the diamond arms race.

The BBC Is A Cross Between PBS And The IRS

The BBC is a British broadcast monopoly that can send inspectors into people’s homes and gives them a criminal record for failing to pay its special tax.

Toxic Citizen: The Misery Of Being An American Abroad

Being an American abroad isn’t romantic anymore. My fellow Americans back home regard me with suspicion, and my government considers me toxic.

Can Royalty and Normalcy Coexist?

Balancing career and family is a struggle for anyone. Royalty is no exception. And now Prince William and Kate are about to leave the honeymoon stage.