Emily Jashinsky
Emily Jashinsky
Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist. She previously covered politics as a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Prior to joining the Examiner, Emily was the spokeswoman for Young America's Foundation. She is a regular guest on Fox News and Fox Business, and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Real Clear Politics, and more. Emily serves on the Young America's Foundation Board of Directors and the National Journalism Center's Board of Governors. Originally from Wisconsin, she is a graduate of George Washington University.
Plate-Flipping Miranda Lambert Can Help Save Country From The Car Pool Lane

If Carrie Underwood is the person who sings about taking a Louisville Slugger to her boyfriend’s car, Miranda Lambert is the person who would actually do it.

Is Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’ The Dawn Of Prestige Reality TV?

‘Dating Around’ marks Netflix’s foray into reality television, but the show also represents something you could probably call Prestige Reality TV.

How ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Did Trump-Era Politics Right

Tina Fey, who created ‘Kimmy Schmidt,’ enjoys mining partisan politics for laughs, and she’s capable of doing it without using comedy as a thin pretense for DNC propaganda. Hers is a rare approach. 

Did The Grammys Preview A Comeback For The Electric Guitar?

If your glass is half full, this year’s Grammys may have signaled the guitar hero is slowly coming back into fashion with younger listeners.

Cory Booker: A Man Of Fake Cheese And Fake Friends

If you are what you eat, Cory Booker is the vegan cheese of politicians.

Andrew Cuomo’s Approval Rating Sinks To All-Time Low

According to a new poll, Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating fell eight points in one month, dropping from 51 to 43 percent over recent weeks.

There’s Never A Bad Time To Honor Dolly Parton

Talented as they are, not one of the women who took the stage with Dolly Parton at the Grammys will ever manage to be as impressive as she.

Cardi B Looked Appropriately Ridiculous At the Grammys

She’s far from the first artist to wear something weird on a red carpet, but the outfit is worth considering as a reflection of Cardi’s appeal.

Country And Americana Picks For The 2019 Grammys

Here’s are the nominees that should win this year, across all genres. Please forgive me in advance for picking Florida Georgia Line.

The Tail Of Twitter Is Wagging The Dog Of Media

The Twitterverse is comprised of a relatively small swath of the public, according to new fourth-quarter figures released by the company itself.

Blackface And Alleged Rape Scandals Roil Virginia Democrats

It all started with a 35-year-old picture. Now, after only five days, three of Virginia’s top Democrats are implicated in serious scandals. 

A Tale Of Two Of Donald Trump’s February Fifths

On Feb. 5, 2004, millions watched Donald Trump on ‘The Apprentice.’ On Feb. 5, 2019, millions more watched Trump deliver the State of the Union Address.

Neomi Rao’s Actual College Writings Undermine The Left’s Attempts To Attack Her

The left is fighting Neomi Rao’s nomination to U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit by dredging up op-eds she wrote as a college student.

Amid Blackface KKK Photo And Infanticide Scandals, 50 Percent Of Democrats Still Support Ralph Northam

Amid two major national controversies, Ralph Northam has retained most of his support among Virginia’s Democratic voters, according to a new poll.

Up From The Ashes Of Fyre Fest, A Bad Meme Come To Life

Fyre Fest lends itself to easy symbolism: the vapidity of millennial decadence, the crumbling of a fantasy. But there may be a silver lining in all the loss.

Watch Gladys Knight ‘Give The Anthem Back Its Voice’ At Super Bowl LIII

If you missed Gladys Knight’s rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl LIII, it’s well worth revisiting.

Ralph Northam Refuses To Resign, Changes Story On Yearbook Photo

“That same year, I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume.”

Kamala Harris’s Surprising Take On Identity Politics Could Make Her A Formidable Candidate

With the right balance, Kamala Harris’s progressivism could be powerful when coupled with a willingness to address the hard left’s electoral flaws.

On ‘The View’ Howard Schultz Dismisses Importance Of Abortion Beliefs

In a Tuesday appearance on “The View,” Howard Schultz diminished the importance of voters’ abortion beliefs. Here’s why he’s wrong to do so.

For Howard Schultz, An Interview With Goop Is Far From A Misstep

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s interest in the presidency has not been well-received. His interview on the Goop podcast won’t dispel the concerns. But it offers other insights.