Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin is the co-host of the movie podcast "Flix It" and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Originally from northern Virginia, Ellie worked in the wine industry as a journalist and sommelier, living in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. A fanatic for movies and TV shows since childhood, she currently reviews movies and writes about many aspects of popular culture for The Federalist. She is an avid home cook, cocktail enthusiast, and still happy to make wine recommendations. Ellie currently lives in Washington D.C. You can follow her on Twitter @ellie_bufkin and on Instagram @exsommellie.
Why ‘The Romanoffs’ Is The Worst Television Show Ever

Unfortunately, beauty isn’t everything in storytelling, and the story told here is about as graceful as a limping billy goat.

Antifa Group Protests At Tucker Carlson’s Home, Posts His Address Online

They rang his doorbell several times with no answer, gleefully posting their activity on Twitter while chanting, “No Borders! No Wall! No USA at all!”

Goodbye, ‘Alec Baldwin Show’: Yet Another Anti-Trump Comic Bites The Dust

Baldwin’s show is a flop because there are already a dozen other left-wing comics doing the exact same bit.

Dan Crenshaw Is The Sexy Congressman America Needs

Dan Crenshaw is an American hero, a patriot, and a man compelled to serve his nation beyond the sacrifice he’s already given in military service. He’s also quite handsome.

Why Does Amazon Keep Spending Top Dollar On Subpar Shows?

Netflix’s prime competitor, Amazon, seems to have a hard time translating a huge budget into critically acclaimed, award-winning original content.

Why It’s Not Too Early For Louis C.K.’s Comeback

Louis C.K. will always be the guy who masturbated in front of a bunch of women. That shouldn’t mean he doesn’t get to be a comedian anymore.

John McAfee Is Right: This $700 Wine Is Worse Than $1.63 ‘Primal Sludge’

I have had many samples of low-quality, high-volume wine in my career. I too find them barely discernable from the grotesquely expensive ‘luxury’ brands.

Why Bob Odenkirk Makes ‘Better Call Saul’ The Best Show On TV

No other fictional person contained in a TV series has better portrayed unrelenting conflict and struggle like Jimmy McGill.

Democrats Dumbfounded To Find That Women Think For Themselves About Politics

Conservative women today reject their casting as second-class citizens. They vote for what they believe to be a better America. The left just can’t understand it.

‘White Boy Rick’ Shines A Needed Spotlight On Problems With Mandatory Minimums

Rick is dealing drugs, sure, but he’s a goofy kid in a bad neighborhood who likes girls and oversized gold jewelry. He’s hardly painted as a bad guy.

Conservative Women Will Make Democrats Pay For Kavanaugh In November

Democrats assumed Republican women would play into their identity politics instead of seeking truth, and that assumption is blowing up in their faces.

Free Speech Is Not Dead. It’s Living In A Comedy Club In Los Angeles

This visit to The Comedy Store was different, not because the comedians changed to fit the times, but because they were resisting them.

Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Remarks Cut From ‘Saturday Night Live’ Opener

The live broadcast abruptly ended when Kanye began to speak. Viewers were certain he had plenty to say, but NBC and ‘Saturday Night Live’ didn’t want to show it.

Here’s The Simple Reason People Love ‘This Is Us’

The show, known for its highly emotional storylines, did not return on the same gut-wrenching tone it left off with last season. Instead, the premier carried an attitude of hope.

Invading Restaurants To Harass Political Opponents Is Illegal And Harms Innocent Bystanders

Whether they are fast food or fine dining, restaurants are not public venues in which all people are welcome. They are private businesses that specialize in hospitality.

‘Serial’ Season Three Presents An Intimate Look At The Everyday U.S. Justice System

Two years after the final installment of the whirlwind second season of ‘Serial’ featuring Bowe Bergdahl, Sarah Koenig is back with not one new story, but many.

‘The Tonight Show’ Decision To Cancel Norm Macdonald Proves Comedy Is Giving Up On Itself

‘The Tonight Show’ has gone from a delightful and apolitical show to one that comes across as terrified of upsetting progressives.

Jon Stewart’s Success Did Not Create A Big Audience For Political Comedy After All

The fact is, the idea that heavily biased political comedy shows appeal to enough people to make them viable is a fantasy.

‘Jack Ryan’ Is Straightforward, Simple, Action-Packed Fun

While never particularly deep, and somewhat predictable, ‘Jack Ryan’ has everything a television spy series should.

Health Info Provider Adds ‘Front Hole’ And Other ‘Inclusive’ Terms To Safe Sex Guide

It’s unfortunate that innocent, clinical terminology is being diminished in the name of misguided political correctness.