Elad Hakim
Elad Hakim
Clinton, Schumer, Obama Supported Bigger Border Wall In 2006, But Not Any More

Given Sen. Chuck Schumer’s previous comments about the need for a wall and his support of the Secure Fence Act, President Trump may very well have a point.

Charging Trump Over Hush Money Payouts Implicates Congress In The Same Behavior

If they charge President Trump for paying women to not publish scandalous claims, would prosecutors then be compelled to pursue members of Congress who have also made such payoffs?

Here’s The Key Clause In The Birthright Citizenship Debate, Briefly Explained

When a person is in the United States illegally, he or she is still governed by and owes loyalty to a ‘foreign’ entity or government.

Why Stripping John Brennan’s Security Clearance Sets A Good Precedent

President Trump’s decision to strip John Brennan’s security clearance sets a strong precedent that a person who uses his security clearance improperly will have it revoked.