David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the Federalist's New York Correspondent. He is also the Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project. His plays have been seen on the stages of Galapagos Arts Space, D Lounge, and Theater Double Rep. A former member of the Bat Acting Company at the Flea Theater he has also performed at the Kennedy Center and Theater for the New City among many others. His work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Times, City Journal, PJ Media, Liberty Island and the New York Theater Review. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
No, The ‘March For Our Lives’ Isn’t Defining A Generation

We are told the Parkland kids have defined their generation. We’ve been told this before, and it’s always wrong.

In the Me Too Moment, David Mamet’s ‘Oleanna’ Still Has Much To Teach Us

David Mamet’s 1992 play ‘Oleanna’ challenged and infuriated audiences with its take on sexual harassment. It still has much to teach us.

Brooklyn NRA Group Not Backing Down After Third Venue Cancels Their Event Under Pressure

The Brooklyn Friends of the NRA have had three venues cancel their fundraiser amid pressure from progressives but they aren’t backing down.

How The FDA Plan To Take Nicotine Out Of Cigarettes Will Fuel Terrorism

The United Sates has never been a rich market for terrorists’ international tobacco trafficking. A new FDA policy will make it one.

After PA-18 Squeaker Democrats Face A Choice

Having apparently eked out a win with a pro-life, pro gun conservative candidate, will the Democratic Party now shift to the middle?

Professor Muzzled For Gay Marriage Comments Is Suing Marquette University

A Marquette professor fired for defending a student’s right to oppose gay marriage in class will have another day in court.

New York City Progressives Try (And Fail) To Limit Asians At Top Schools.

Progressives in New York City unhappy at the lack of diversity in its elite high schools are urging the mayor to lower the number of Asians admitted. This is unfair and wrong.

The News Media’s Nunberg Parade Was a Disgrace

For several hours yesterday, the news media treated an unhinged, likely drunk man as a serious source. It was everything wrong with news coverage of Trump.

Chris Hayes Wows A Rejuvenated Brooklyn Confident Of A Blue Wave In 2018

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes found a Brooklyn audience ready for a fight with Trump at an event promoting his new book.

5 Reasons LeBron James Will Be A Sixer Next Season

If King James wants to be compared to Michael Jordan, Philly is the only place he can achieve that.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Needs To Resign For Incompetence

As allegations of incompetence and misconduct stacked up, Israel has shown no willingness to accept any responsibility for the gross failures of his department.

The Russia Probe Has Turned The News Into ‘Ancient Aliens’

The news media’s rush to judgement on the Russia probe has left them looking like ancient astronaut theorists: entertaining but wrong.

An Armed Guard’s Inaction Makes The Parkland Tragedy Worse

The failure of an armed guard to even enter the school highlights the myriad law enforcement failures in Parkland.

Kids Should Be Told The Truth About E-Cigarettes. They’re Not As Dangerous As Smoking

The FDA’s crusade against e-cigarettes is misguided and misleading. Kids need to know the truth about these products, so they can make better decisions.

Stop Putting Traumatized Teenagers On Television

Our job as adults is to help and protect kids who survive school shootings, not ask them to lead us at their own peril.

New York Times Struggles Over Whether Any Conservatives Are Fit To Print

This week, two New York Times writers drew outrage from progressives. Will the paper succumb to criticism, or continue its new commitment to conservative voices?

U.S. Media’s North Korea Coverage Destroys Concerns Over Normalizing Trump

When a member of the most brutal regime on earth is treated like the belle of the Olympic ball, the media needs to stop worrying about normalizing Trump.

We Must Still Keep Teaching Our Boys They Must Never Hit Girls

In an age where gender roles are in question, the prohibition against boys hitting girls is more important than ever.

The Right Can’t Ignore The Rise Of White Supremacy On Campus

A new generation of racists is taking advantage of the cultural identity wars to increase propaganda on our nation’s college campuses.

Rose McGowan Punished For Refusing To Be Harassed By Trans Activist

A trans activist screamed at a woman trying to tell the story of her sexual assault, and progressives are blaming the victim.