David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the Federalist's New York Correspondent. He is also the Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project. His plays have been seen on the stages of Galapagos Arts Space, D Lounge, and Theater Double Rep. A former member of the Bat Acting Company at the Flea Theater he has also performed at the Kennedy Center and Theater for the New City among many others. His work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Times, City Journal, PJ Media, Liberty Island and the New York Theater Review. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ Is A Smart, Fun Romp For Kids And Parents

Just like the television show, ‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ delivers a good time for people of all ages.

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Be The Left’s Donald Trump

Conservatives hoping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will become the face of the Democratic Party should be careful what they wish for.

Michael Anton’s Attack On Birthright Citizenship Is A Disgrace

There is no justification for ending birthright citizenship — not on legal grounds, moral grounds, or even self-interested grounds.

How Can We Actually Respond To Russian Election Meddling?

The most important thing Americans and our government can do about the reality that Russia tried to interfere in our election is remain calm.

Why Don’t The Washington Post And New York Times Have A Single Pro-Trump Columnist?

Yes, the news media hates Donald Trump. No, it isn’t a conspiracy.

Cowed Business Insider Yanks Article Arguing Scarlett Johansson Can Portray A Trans Man

Business Insider is the latest publication to retract a story that offended transgender advocates. What are the new rules, and who is making them?

Montreal Jazz Festival Bans Musical For Allowing White Woman To Sing Slave Songs

Rather than allow a white woman to perform a cultural touchstone of America, protesters shut it down. What a disservice that is to the creators of these works.

Asian Americans Are The Tipping Point For Rejecting Affirmative Action

Progressives refuse to address the disproportionate harm done to Asian students by affirmative action policies. But everyone else is waking up to it.

The New York Times Beclowns Itself With Fake News About Free Speech

In an opinion article posing as a news story, The New York Times launches an illiberal and wrongheaded attack on free speech. At least we know where they stand.

5 Questions The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Upset Poses For Democrats

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s surprise ousting of a top House Democrat raises urgent questions for a party desperate for power.

Tomorrow’s Staten Island Donovan Versus Grimm Primary Is All About Donald Trump

In Staten Island and South Brooklyn, Tuesday’s GOP primary is focused on Donald Trump and who can help him achieve his agenda.

How Jordan Peterson Missed A Layup On Religious Freedom

If Peterson can be tripped up by the most obvious and easily refuted rejections of his non-compelled-speech program, the very thing that propelled his rise to fame, what good is he?

Trans Activists Lose Their Minds Over Balanced Atlantic Cover Story

Trans advocates don’t want parents to know that kids who change genders sometimes regret it. They treat their narrative as more important than your kids.

Here’s What Happened The Day I Visited James Joyce

On this Bloomsday, I remember the day I met James Joyce, and finally understood what his work has meant to me.

Comey’s FBI Was Protecting The Legitimacy Of The Presumed Clinton Presidency

James Comey and the FBI decided to come clean on Anthony Weiner’s laptop because they thought they were protecting a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Corey Stewart’s Primary Win Is One More Sign White Identity Politics Are Here To Stay

Corey Stewart’s victory in the Virginia GOP Senate primary is another reminder that white identity politics are a growing force in American society.

Why America’s Incivility Is A National Security Threat

Foreign cyber-propaganda is preying on American discord and divisiveness. Civility may be our best defense.

Trump Shouldn’t Punish Patriotic Eagles For Chris Long Being A PC Bro

Instead of pouting about players who are skipping the White House visit, President Trump should be the bigger man and host the Eagles who want to come.

Selectively Aborting Down Syndrome Babies Is An Absolute Moral Depravity

Frankly, a lot of Down Syndrome people are better than a lot of other people are. And the idea that they shouldn’t exist is chilling and horrifying.

Why President Trump Should Commute The Sentence Of Matthew Charles

In the case of Matthew Charles and others where the criminal justice system has failed, decisive action from a courageous president may be the only hope.