David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is a senior contributor to the Federalist and the Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project. His plays have been seen on the stages of Galapagos Arts Space, D Lounge, and Theater Double Rep. A former member of the Bat Acting Company at the Flea Theater he has also performed at the Kennedy Center and Theater for the New City among many others. In addition to his writing for the Federalist his work has appeared in National Review Online, City Journal, PJ Media, Liberty Island and the New York Theater Review. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
Dear MTV: Telling White Guys What To Do Just Provokes Racism

The one-time music network doubles down on the identity politics parade of horribles that helped create the division and discontent of the current American body politic.

New York City Now Runs The United States

As the home of Donald Trump and much of Trump’s opposition, New York City is once again at the center of the battle to define and lead America.

Why People Lost Their Minds When A Brooklyn Store Played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Upscale progressives have gotten used to tuning out the voice of the Trump voter. But there’s an America out there that they can no longer ignore.

This Election Marks The End Of America’s Racial Détente

Jamelle Bouie is right about one thing: the racial social contract we’ve had is over. Whites aren’t content to let everyone but them get special treatment any more.

I First Voted For A Clinton. 24 Years Later, We’re Having The Same Election

More than 20 years since my first vote, I am again mired in an election with Clintons and Bushes and the billionaire, Buchananite Reform Party figure of Donald Trump.

New Clinton Probe Proves Early Voting Is Bad For America

In today’s media age, three weeks is a lifetime. Can anybody truly claim that those who voted in early October possessed all the facts they needed to make a truly informed decision?

Vice News Boosts Mike Lee’s Flailing Senate Opponent Just For Being Trans

Misty Snow is the first transgendered Senate candidate ever nominated by a major party. That’s enough to give him an in-kind contribution, apparently.

Why A Protest Vote For Trump Is Better Than Voting Third Party

Donald Trump isn’t going to be president of the United States. But conservative voters should prevent Clinton from getting a landslide victory.

Will Millennials Survive The Left?

Millennials aren’t imposing totalitarianism and censorship on the Left. They’re getting those ideas from the Left.

Leftist Scolds Like Samantha Bee Are Definitely A Reason Trump May Win

‘The Tonight Show’ gets a bigger audience because most people aren’t looking for the self-righteous mirth of slamming those stupid Republicans right before bed.

Trump Is No Excuse For Turning Late-Night Comedy Into Propaganda

Jimmy Fallon’s job is to do silly skits with Justin Timberlake and ease us to bedtime with mild jokes and interviews. It is not to set the limits of the Overton window or grill a presidential candidate.

The NFL Banned The Cowboys From Honoring Police. Will It Do The Same To Seahawks Anthem Boycotters?

When the Cowboys wanted to send the message that police officers should not be hunted and assassinated, the NFL gave a clear answer: no.

Gene Wilder, Comedian Of Kindness

Comedian Gene Wilder has left behind a legacy of comedy that eschews the nasty to help us all laugh at the wonder in life.

5 Questions ‘The Night Of’ Finale Must Answer

As ‘The Night Of’ wraps up, the viewer, or proxy jury, needs some answers to make an informed decision about Nasir Khan’s guilt or innocence.

In Defense Of Campus Segregation

Segregation is not the problem; it’s a symptom. The real problem is that the ability of people from different races, cultures, and experiences to share ideas is breaking down.

Sean Hannity Is Donald Trump’s Billy Mays

In watching Sean Hannity’s farcical celebration of Donald Trump it becomes quite clear he is hosting an infomercial, just like Billy Mays.

The New York Times Can’t Best Prometheus Over Fire’s Downsides

What could ancient texts possibly teach us about the human condition in our enlightened age? As it turns out, they can teach us quite a bit.

Did Black Lives Matter Just Oust NYPD’s Police Chief?

Black Lives Matter protesters call for the New York City Police Department to be disbanded. Mayor Bill de Blasio awards them a scalp.

Furious Sanders Delegates Coordinate DNC Walkout With Protesters Outside

The delegate walkout suggests disaffection with Hillary Clinton may be more widespread than mere protesters alone might indicate.

Democrats Explain Why They’re Protesting Their Own Convention

Why make the party closer to their own interests look so bad? Protesters at the Democratic National Convention explain.