David Weinberger
David Weinberger
David previously worked for the Heritage Foundation and The Dennis Prager Show. He is currently a freelance writer, and blogs at Diversityofideas.blogspot.com. In his free time he enjoys working out, reading nerdy subjects, cheering on Roger Federer, and playing "would you rather." Email him at [email protected]
Nope, The Evidence Still Says Income Inequality Is Not A Problem

Women don’t have to work to support their families, houses are not more expensive, college costs aren’t related to wage decreases, and wages have not stagnated since the 1970s.

We Don’t Have An Income Inequality Problem, We Have An Ego Problem

The growing hysteria surrounding economic disparities does reveal a real problem, which is the reduced aim of our society from virtue to material abundance.

Why Nobody Has A Right To Health Care

Just because our rights are secured by government, it does not follow that they must be provided by government.

Freedom And Equality Don’t Create The Good Life

Today’s political debates veer between extremes of freedom and equality, ignoring that both ought to be subject to something better: our society’s pursuit of doing what’s right, together.

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