David Breitenbeck
David Breitenbeck
David Breitenbeck is a professional freelance writer living and working in southeast Michigan. He’s the author of "The Wisdom of Walt Disney," currently available on Amazon, and blogs at Serpent’s Den (serpentsden.wordpress.com).
Ten Years Later, ‘WALL-E’ Has Only Become More Insightful

Most of the films nominated for Best Picture that year justly disappeared down the memory hole, while ‘WALL-E’ remains as vibrant and striking as ever.

‘The Incredibles 2’ Is A Story About Triumphing Over Adversity Rather Than Blaming It For Your Failure

From a standard SJW storyline of female empowerment and male incompetence, the film diverges into a much more interesting, universal, and realistic set of conclusions.

The Crisis Of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Also Our Own

Thanos has a similar mindset to leftists of the past century or so. He believes anything can be justified if it forwards his well-intentioned agenda.

Why Banning Abortion Will Save Millions More Lives Than Banning Guns

If you ban all abortion, then nobody is legally killed by abortion. If you ban all guns, it doesn’t mean no one is legally killed by guns (since that has never been legal).

Watching The 1950s ‘What’s My Line?’ Will Challenge Your Assumptions About Humanity

Just by watching an old game show, we meet a way of thinking about the world that is noticeably different from our own.

Meet The Best Spider-Man You’ve Never Heard Of

For my money, the best Spider-Man is a short-lived, small-screen animated series called ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man,’ a superhero cartoon that ran from 2008 to 2009.

4 Positive Countercultural Messages In ‘My Little Pony’

‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ is a show miles better than it has any right to be.

What Milo Murphy Gets About The Human Potential To Overcome Adversity

It is one of the core beliefs of western culture that a man’s worth is measured, not by what happens to him, but by how well he faces it. Milo Murphy embodies this idea.

Monster Movies Teach Us Key Truths About The Human Condition

In a world where monsters guard against creatures that can shut down a city, there is no room to hope that mankind can end the perennial ills of the human condition.

I’m An English Major Who Just Got Fired As A Barista. Here’s Where I Went Wrong

I went to college and learned to think, from which I’ve concluded I shouldn’t have gone to college. Don’t find yourself in the same situation after graduation.