Clay Waters
Clay Waters
‘Sherlock’s’ Latest Series Creates A Redemption Arc For The Famous Detective

It’s no longer enough for Sherlock to have a clever case to solve. The creators seem pressured to shake up Sherlock’s universe every time out.

If You’re Looking For Dark Satire, ‘Black Mirror’ Has You Haunted

In ‘Black Mirror’ we’ve built our own prisons of screen-saturated soft authoritarianism, still struggling to harness the technological appendages we’ve grafted onto our all-too-human selves.

Hate ‘London Has Fallen’ For Its Camp, Not ‘Islamophobia’

In an age of terrorist attacks in European cities by Middle Easterners, it’s apparently offensive and racist to make an action movie about Middle Eastern terrorists attacking European cities. 

Whites Need Not Apply For Poetry Publication

Michael Derrick Hudson couldn’t get his poem published—until he submitted it under an Asian-sounding pen name.

‘God’s Not Dead’ Preaches To The Converted

Intellectually convinced atheists do exist, but the producers of God’s Not Dead apparently don’t believe in them.