Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist. He is the author of the "Reasonably Gay: Essays and Arguments" series and is a social writer focusing on truth in media, conservative ideas and goals, and true equality under the law. You can follow him on Twitter @chadfelixg.
The ‘First Trans Murder Of 2018’ Was Not A Hate Crime

Instead of focusing on campaigns that may have helped this transgender victim, LGBT groups will instead continue fighting a threat that does not exist.

Losing A Job Taught Me How Tax Cuts Can Protect The Needy

As we bicker over how the government can best use our money, we must remember that genuine charity comes from the hearts and actions of individuals, not faceless agencies.

Top 4 Anti-LGBT Myths Of 2017

LGBT media would have us all believe that LGBT people are in a near-constant state of danger. But a closer inspection tells us this simply isn’t true.

I Turned My Coworker Into HR When She Gave Me A Christmas Card, And She Changed My Heart

A person who gives a gift featuring his or her sacred religious iconography is reaching out, showing kindness and sharing his or her faith with others.

No, Lifting ‘Net Neutrality’ Doesn’t Hurt Gay People

It is unnerving to realize that the leaders of the LGBT movement seem to believe average gay people are utterly dependent on them for seemingly everything.

Why I Don’t Want To Force Anyone To Bake A Cake For My Gay Wedding

If I encountered an individual morally uncomfortable with participating in an activity with me and my boyfriend, it would be uncomfortable for me to force her.

California Shouldn’t Make It Easier For HIV-Positive People Like Me To Give Blood And Have Risky Sex

The demand for HIV privacy as an entitlement will create a scenario of predatory behaviors, recklessness, and ruined lives. Gay and bisexual men will be at a higher risk.