Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a graduate student at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Theology at Christendom College.
Why This Classic ‘Guide To Intelligent Reading’ Should Be On Your Book List

In fewer than 350 pages, Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren will more than likely transform the way you read and argue—for the better.

What Famous Theologian John Henry Newman Can Teach Us About Evaluating Ideas

In his major religious defense, John Henry Newman is indeed engaged in a battle, but he maintains a detachment that allows him to preserve a true charity towards his opponent.

How Dante Can Help You Become A Better Reader And Thinker This Year

Following the sage wisdom of Dante Alighieri, communicated through his imagined catechism of Thomas Aquinas, will greatly improve our reading and debating in 2018.

‘Craig And Fred’ Highlights Our Tendency To Put Man’s Best Friend Above Our Fellow Man

In ‘Craig and Fred,’ Craig Grossi tells the inspiring story of how a stray dog helped him overcome PTSD. But the book also raises discomfiting questions about how we put care of animals above the needs of our fellow man.

Why Even Non-Catholics Can Appreciate Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Most Americans’ knowledge of Our Lady of Guadalupe probably extends to recognizing the famous image of Mary, often found in the homes and businesses of many Mexican-Americans.

Sex Scandals Reveal How The Left Uses Shame To Destroy Morality

Shame, we are now told, is back in vogue, particularly if directed towards sexual harassment. Yet the Left has been appropriating shame to serve its ideological objectives for generations.

This Man Could Have Kept Vietnam From Communists, But The Kennedy Administration Okayed His Assassination

Geoffrey Shaw’s account is a page-turning, sorrowful account of how the United States betrayed a man of remarkable character and political genius.

How My Four-Year-Old Helped Me Appreciate Good Music

A question my four-year-old often asks me suggests the lessons of youth can be intellectually stimulating and penetrating.

‘Poldark’ Celebrates Hard Work, Fidelity, Common Law, And Community

The PBS series features superb acting, dramatic narrative twists, and, surprisingly, a consistent affirmation of conservative principles.

Ken Burns’ New Vietnam War Documentary Speaks For Silent Soldiers Like My Father

Despite his liberal, pacifist inclinations, my father answered his country’s call during the Vietnam War, and worked as a U.S. Army medic.

Reza Aslan’s ‘Believer’ Is Unbelievably Condescending About Religion

What are Americans to make of a program that claims to showcase ‘fascinating faith-based groups’ and instead offers cannibals and delusional charlatans?