Britt McHenry
Britt McHenry
Can ‘Chuck And Nancy’ Get Any More Immature Than Dropping A Trump Meeting Over A Tweet?

All that’s missing from this utter lack of maturity and leadership is Regina George from ‘Mean Girls’ standing on Capitol Hill with a burn book in tow.

Why Aren’t Any NFL Players Kneeling Over This Pennsylvania Cop Shooting?

No NFL players kneeled on Sunday to protest the brutality that occurred to Brian Shaw. Is that because he’s a police officer?

U.S. Basketball Players Like To Bash Trump, But The Ones Arrested In China Need Him

These players are in hot international waters. It will require a lot more than a statement from UCLA or Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

Colin Kaepernick’s Worst Enemy Isn’t NFL Owners Or President Trump, It’s Himself

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance arguing NFL owners colluded among themselves and with President Trump to keep him unemployed.

The Left’s Hypocrisy On Tarring Mike Pence For Leaving That Colts Game

Vice President Mike Pence attended the Indianapolis Colts hosting the San Francisco 49ers game Sunday. After the national anthem, Pence left. Cue Twitter mobs.

Michelle Obama Tells Women Republicans Are ‘All Men, All White’

Mrs. Obama, like her husband, tends to have a way with words. So why, as of late, is she tripping over them?

Sports Illustrated Is Wrong. The National Anthem Protests Are Not A Sign Of Unity

The latest Sports Illustrated cover conflates athletes and coaches in a unified anti-Trump message the magazine appears to endorse.

There’s No Evidence To Back Michael Bennett’s Claim Police Roughed Him Up Because He’s Black

Once Michael Bennett shared his story, the Las Vegas Police Department began an investigation, and the meager results so far contradict Bennett’s story.

If You’re More Concerned About Melania’s Shoes Than Harvey Victims, You’re The Problem

The most hysterical aspect of this latest form of online absurdity is that FLOTUS actually stepped off the plane in Corpus Christi, Texas wearing sneakers and a ball cap.

Charlottesville Shows Once Again Why Blue Lives Matter

The next time an American wants to generalize and paint all police officers negatively, think about the viral image of Charlottesville police officer Darius Ricco Nash.

Instead Of Thanking Kelly For Firing The Mooch, The Media Attacked

Democrats spent two weeks mocking Anthony Scaramucci, then mocked the Trump administration when it fired him. You can’t win with these people.