Brad Slager
Brad Slager
Years of writing for various outlets has taught Brad Slager an important lesson: Specializing in unique subjects can be a point of pride, until an editor lets it be known no one else was willing to cover said subjects. Being the case he still has found willing outlets for his work, such as Movieline (covering the film industry and the Bad Movies We Love column) as well as Breitbart's Big Hollywood, Pocket Full of Liberty, and even For leisure he enjoys well crafted beer and poorly crafted films (intentionally) and bad hockey teams (unintentionally). For more social commentary, and the occasional buzz-tweeting of bad DVDs, you can follow him on Twitter @martinishark.
Environmentalist Protest Destroys The Environment At Standing Rock

Garbage, building materials, and months of untreated human waste from thousands of Standing Rock squatters now threatens the very water they claimed to be protecting.

Paramount Knew Four Months Ago That ‘Monster Trucks’ Will Bomb

To behold a Hollywood major conceding defeat in this manner is indeed a rarity. But ‘Monster Trucks’ opens this weekend, and Paramount is already expecting to lose $115 million.

When Social Justice Warriors Get Through With Halloween, It Won’t Exist

PC judgments against ‘insensitive’ costumes aren’t enough (nothing ever is). The perpetual squawking squads now place cartoonish Houses of Horror in their crosshairs.

How Journalists Purge Peers Who Don’t Lick Hillary Clinton’s Boots

Media members use group-shaming tactics to either cow ideological defectors into submission, or expel them from their ranks.

I Was A Huge NFL Fan, But Now That It Politicizes Everything I Quit

Seeing an NFL team I have backed acting with orchestrated contempt for national solemnity means they no longer represent something I want to support.

Top 10 Biggest Blockbuster Movie Bombs Of 2016

As Hollywood congratulates itself for the money-making frame that just ended, allow me to point out the attempts that will not lead to bonus payouts in the executive offices.

The ‘Ghostbusters’ Post-Mortem

After almost a month we can eulogize the most contested film release of the year.

The Making Of ‘Sharknado 4’ May Be As Insane As Watching It

An interview with the screenwriter and producer behind television’s inexplicable summer movie franchise.

Why Disney And Steven Spielberg Will Never Work Together Again

The marriage bringing ‘The BFG’ onscreen this Friday will culminate in divorce in just a few months.

Why Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Watch X-Men

Marvel Comics is trying to memory-hole its brands during the golden age of superhero films. But it actually makes sense.

Businesses Should Stop Exploiting Celebrity Deaths

Companies feel the need to inject their solemn words and trademarks into the act of grieving for celebrities like David Bowie, Merle Haggard, and Prince. It’s grotesque.

Hollywood Still Can’t Adapt Video Games, And ‘Ratchet And Clank’ Is No Exception

Despite decades of futility, studios keep trying to level-up with video game titles.

Hoping To Attract Soda-Hating Millennials, Pepsi Revives Soda Jerks

Pepsi 1893 is a revolutionary product—from a century ago.

Trump Vodka Is A Perfect Blend Of His Disasters

How Donald Trump handled Trump Vodka shows his management style. And that’s repeatedly going out of business after making wild claims.

Hollywood’s Hypocritical Love-Hate Relationship With Guns

Hollywood touts guns, lovingly displays firearms, and glorifies the violence the weaponry can deliver. Then its actors go on to demand gun control and decry ‘gun culture.’

How To Make The Razzies Fun Again

The annual skewering of bad movies has gone off course. Allow me to intervene with my own picks and reasons we need a Razzies refresh.

The 12 Craft Beers Of Christmas

The craft beer explosion means a bevy of Yuletide suds. Here’s a roundup to assist with your Christmas cheer.

Why Hollywood Will Always Be Sexist

Movie portrayals of women have gotten better, but the outraged attacks against Hollywood have gotten more strident. Not from the Right—from the Left.

Is ‘Sharknado’ A Bad Movie?

How schools of fans created such a feeding frenzy over a cable-TV movie that ‘Sharknado’ has become a summer tradition.

Why Hollywood Censors Your Summer Blockbusters

For generations, the movie industry was on the front lines battling censorship. These days, studios prefer Chinese money to free expression.