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Yes, The Hanson Brothers Make A Beer Called MmmHop

Now, years later, you can’t see the Hanson brothers at a video store, you may not see them on your latest Spotify playlist, but you can see them at the bar, because they make beer.

Don’t Forget Northern California’s Fabulous Beer

There is more, much more to find at Lagunitas than just IPA. If you live on the West Coast, East Coast, or in America’s heartland, you can get a taste in person.

In The Midst Of Wine Country, Nothing Is Better Than A Chili Dog

Roy’s is where locals eat, where the working man grabs a quick lunch before getting back to the daily grind. It was exactly what we needed.

Don’t Miss The Amazing Beer At San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing

No matter what else you do in the city, exploring one of America’s original craft breweries is an experience not to be missed.

In Honor Of Carrie Fisher, Bake Some Wookiee Cookies

Thanks to Carrie Fisher, we got to see Leia grow from a brave and feisty princess into a seasoned leader, senator, mother, then general of the Resistance.

Who Needs Wine Tasting When You Can Get Beer Flights?

Common in wine bars for a long time, you can now enjoy beer as flights, with just a little bit of each in a group of tastings.

Why You Want To Try The Christmas Eve Feast Of Seven Fishes

Many families make turkey, ham, or another meat as their centerpiece dish on Christmas Eve, but from my perspective, featuring the versatile aspects of seafood is the way to go.

The Best Way To Enjoy ‘Rogue One’: With A Beer Milkshake

For ‘Rogue One,’ a beer milkshake is the ultimate melding of the Dark Side (Guinness) and the Light Side (vanilla ice cream).

Santa’s Private Reserve Beer Will Make You Believe In Him Again

This Christmas I’m going to ask for Santa’s Private Reserve Ale from Rogue Brewing Company. It’s a great pairing for your Christmas roast, and the inevitable late-night wrapping.

Canadian Song: Hey, United States! We Have Stronger Beer

The song’s main message is: yeah, you might be America, but Canadians have stronger beer. What it doesn’t mention is that Europe has both beat.

Here’s The Perfect Beer To Drink While Watching ‘A Christmas Story’

In the mid-twentieth-century, middle-America setting of ‘A Christmas Story,’ the Old Man’ probably drank some pretty boring beer to relax at the end of a long day. You, my friends, have many more options.

Enjoy These Delicious Mashed Potatoes After You Read Their Origin Story

Because potatoes were easy to grow, cheap, and nutritious, they became a staple foodstuff of many peasants and farmers in the western world, and now us.

These High-Alcohol Beers Will Help You Survive Thanksgiving

With parents, siblings, in-laws, and kids all in one place, it can get overwhelming. So when you’re tired and stressed and want a break, I have just the beers for you.

What Happens When You Raid The Hotel Minibar In Munich

In Munich, my wife found two pretty tasty local beers, each with a great history. She stashed them in her suitcase and brought them home for me to try.

This Trio Of Beers I Used To Survive Election Night Will Stand You Well In The Aftermath

I picked a beer from the East Coast to start my evening, then one from middle America, and finally to finish off the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I had a West Coast ale.

Want Breakfast In A Beer? Try This

Dogfish Head’s new Beer for Breakfast Stout isn’t just a beer brewed with coffee, it’s a beer brewed with an age-old breakfast ingredient: scrapple.

Everyone Needs A Beer That Brings Back Good Memories

When my brother graduated from college in Boston, we made a beer run and picked up Dogfish Head IPA for his celebratory party. I had it again when I married, and again when I saluted the birth of my firstborn.

All Pumpkin Beer Is Not Gross. Try These

I gave my palate a lasting chance to figure out pumpkin beers, and came away with one favorite, one that was pretty good, and one that was lacking.

The Best Beer Of The Austin City Limits Music Festival

It is a big, flavorful, Texas IPA. A beer like this is perfect for a good rock show.

Meet Breweries That Give Back More Than Delicious Beer

Here’s to all the companies that don’t just offer us great brews, but also support philanthropic causes around the world.