Ashe Schow
Ashe Schow
Ashe Schow is a senior contributor to the Federalist and senior political columnist for the New York Observer. She also contributes to a weekly segment on the Enough Already podcast. She has previously worked for, the Washington Examiner and the Heritage Foundation.
Berkeley Refuses To Prevent Rioting At Ann Coulter Speech, Conservative Students Stand Down

This setback at UC-Berkeley will only ensure that the next confrontation is more brutal, because when rioters win it justifies their aggression.

Cornell Grad Students Charge Professor With Sexism To Retaliate For His Union Opposition

This is just the latest example of a professor’s reputation being dragged through the mud because he doesn’t toe the line of social justice extremism.

Berkeley Lawsuit Shows Conservatives Won’t Be Silenced By University Censors

Thanks to the attention to UC-Berkeley’s treatment of Ann Coulter, colleges should be aware that if they restrict the free speech rights of conservative students, they could face lawsuits.

Middlebury Professor Apologizes To Rioters For Inviting Charles Murray

This Middlebury College professor apologized not to Murray, the colleague rioters injured, or the students who wanted to hear Murray’s speech, but to the rioters who shut it all down.

It Turns Out Berkeley Didn’t Really Reverse Course on Ann Coulter

The university isn’t really concerned about campus safety. It just wants to make student rioters happy.

Berkeley’s Cancellation Of Ann Coulter’s Speech Proves The Rioters Have Won

In a statement to the Washington Post, University of California-Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof described the cancellation as an effort ‘to keep students and the speaker herself safe.’

UPenn Student Journalists Condemn Violent Responses To Free Speech

Until administrators start standing up to protesters, it’s going to be up to students to defend free speech in the age of outrage.

College Activists: Searching For Truth Makes You A Racist

Do you believe there’s an objective truth? Well, you’re a white supremacist then, at least according to a small number of black Pomona College students.

No, A CNN Correspondent Did Not ‘Blame’ Video Games For The Cleveland Shooting

Brian Stelter didn’t intend to suggest video games caused the shooting, but that’s how it came across to some gamers, who have seen their pastime linked time and again to violent behavior.

8 Things A Superfan Wants From The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Dear social-justice warriors: step off my game.