Trans Conference Celebrates Getting People Fired For Not Calling Men Women

If this is the workplace of the future, I would rather be prepared ahead of time than surprised later. But it’s going to be quite the journey.

Yes, Violent Crime Has Spiked In Sweden Since Open Immigration

United Nations data says Sweden had the second-highest rate of rape in the world in 2010. Subsequent data shows the 2010 number was only slightly higher than the 2015 number.

Liberals Should Stop Ranting And Seek Out Silent Trump Voters Like Me

I am an urban, millennial woman, and I voted for Trump. Now, I’m afraid to explain my reasoning to an angry, vitriolic left that will not listen to me.

I Watched Donald Trump Blow A Hole Through The European Elite’s Minds

Looking out on a valley in the Schwarzwald surrounded by posh European men with pants tight enough to ensure they could never procreate, my mind embraced Donald Trump.

My Mother Aborted My Siblings, And That Hurts Me Deeply

I thought I was an only child because of my mother’s chronic illness. But then I found what really happened.