Aaron Gleason
Aaron Gleason
A.C. Gleason is a proud Biola University alum, where he met his wonderful wife. He earned his MA in philosophy of religion from Talbot. He co-hosts and co-produces The AK47 Podcast with fellow Talbot Alum Kyle Hendricks. You can find more of his writings on Medium and ricochet.com . Follow him on Twitter @ac_gleason and his podcast @aaronkyle47. He denies all accusations that Comrade Real Presence is his alter ego, although he hears that guy is awesome.
No, Evangelicals Don’t Want The Middle East Destabilized To Bring About Armageddon

Many American evangelicals do believe that Israel holding its historic territory is spiritually important, but that doesn’t mean we think any political decisions are going to force God’s hand.

‘Deadpool 2’ Isn’t A Great Film, Which Means Superheroes Have Become A Robust Movie Genre

The film presents as something shallow and not really worthy of deep critical attention. Then it feeds the viewers deep issues in rather overt ways.

Why Jonah Goldberg Is Right About ‘The Suicide Of The West’

Jonah Goldberg is certainly not naive about the role religion plays in the ‘miracle’ of western classical liberalism. ‘Suicide of the West’ is best understood as an apologetic to non-conservatives.

Why ‘Westworld’ Is One Of TV’s Worst Shows

To understand why this show simply doesn’t work, compare it to a 20-year-old sci-fi film that almost certainly had some influence on these show runners: ‘The Truman Show.’

Why DC’s Superhero Pantheon Can Never Emulate The Success Of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Each of DC’s major characters is essentially a sun at the center of their own solar system. Their gravity is so strong they maintain multiple planets all on their own.

Tragic Crash Involving Canadian Hockey Players Touches Bruins-Leafs Series Game

On a normal night the Bruins would’ve probably stolen this game away. But this wasn’t a normal night.

11 Top Superman Stories Of All Time To Celebrate Action Comics No. 1,000

The scarred heart of humanity that breathes life into all fiction is what makes Superman truly great. And in many ways his story is the story of America.

How ‘Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay’ Turns The Antihero Upside Down

This little superhero film is a textbook in MacGuffin. It even has an extra featurette discussing the nature of MacGuffins.

Why ‘A Quiet Place’ Might Be An Instant Classic

I don’t think anyone would have ever guessed that the guy who played Jim Halpert on the U.S. version of ‘The Office’ might have anything to do with a discussion of essential horror filmmakers.

The Secrets Behind ‘Silicon Valley’s’ Wild, Pioneering Success

‘Silicon Valley’ completely embraces the absolute and utter ridiculousness that is the creative male mind. There’s no romance or tragedy, but there is hilarity and blind luck.

‘Pacific Rim’ May Be A Failure, But The Giant Monster Mythos Will Rise Again

We are in a monster renaissance. The MonsterVerse has released two successful films, with two more on the way. 2016 saw Toho release the first new Japanese-based Godzilla film since 2004.

Here’s A Dueling List Of The Top 8 Westerns, Plus Actual Deep Cuts

‘The Top 10 Westerns Ever Made, Plus 10 More Deep Cuts’ was deeply disappointing to this film buff. So here’s a deeper, better, alternative list.

72 Years After Japanese Internment Camps, ‘Karate Kid’ Still Teaches The Importance Of Fathers

The heartbeat that drives ‘The Karate Kid’ may be stronger now than it was in 1984. For all its superficial flaws, this film overflows with timeless wisdom for how to raise good men.

Meryl Streep Is Overrated. Here Are 5 Much Better Actresses

The Oscars continually award ‘importance’ over quality, and Meryl Streep’s yearly perfunctory nomination cheapens the entire ceremony.

Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’ Depicts A Feminine Apocalypse

This film is an opportunity to see what the natural world might be like if the principle of sufficient reason were false and God had abandoned us to Darwin and Nietzsche.

Billy Graham Now Rides In A Chariot of Fire

This was a man who could fill a sports arena to get people to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ, a subject most of us would feel timidity about bringing up at the water cooler.

‘Black Panther’ Is Boring As Heck Until The Villain Shows Up

The screenwriters somehow managed to make the character seem smaller and weaker inside a film that was supposed to be all about the Black Panther.

If You’re Sour On DC Comic’s Live-Action Movies, Watch ‘Gotham By Gaslight’

This solid Batman film is continued proof that the problem with the DC live-action universe is more complex than simply blaming Zack Snyder or saying the films are too dark.

Screenwriter Jeff Howard Talks ‘Before I Wake,’ Personal Tragedy, And Netflix Bringing Back Mid-Level Film

As I watched Netflix’s ‘Before I Wake,’ I told the late-night tweeterverse how excellent I thought the film. The film’s screenwriter, Jeff Howard, messaged me in response.

The 10 Best Films Of 2017

This was a truly great year for cinema, and I struggled over this list, especially since horror, my favorite film genre, has seen a massive resurgence of quality in the last decade.